Anaklia Development Consortium completed preparation of 50-year all round plan. The plan is currently being discussed by means of Anaklia Government Commission.

  • Anaklia deep-water harbour general plan points to 9 stages for development.??
  • Evaluation of economic influence
  • ?Calculations of cargo circulation
  • ?Improvement phases
  • ?The volume of investment

Anaklia sea slot?general plan is devoted to innovative engineer engineering, sparing expenses and making port effective. It can be important example for regional and international port?sector.

Dutsch Organization Maritime & Transport Organization Solutions MTBS and Anaklia Development Consortium worked together on the plan. The page has to be proved by simply Anaklia government commission.

Along with working for general system, Anaklia Development Consortium, along with international companies together with contractors?(Van Oord, Moffatt & Nichol, Divin HaskoningHDV, Ecoline International) has used following works inside Anaklia:

  • Exploring complete bottom beach area and different direction-finding territories;
  • Geo-technical works to take a look at land and under the sea ground;
  • Searching for samsung wave s8500 and wind strength, speed and elevation;
  • Topographic works which included checking the whole territory for?the port;
  • Sedimentation- exploring level of water sand;
  • Ecological investigation of soil in addition to water;
  • Exploring sea mammals;
  • Biological and chemical investigation of sea underside (exploring flora and fauna);
  • Ornithological study;
  • Exploring land part of nature;
  • Exploring ground underwater;
  • Social global financial analysis of Anaklia and adjoining placements.

Anaklia Advancement Consortium is preparing to start construction functions in the second half for 2017. Opening Anaklia Sea Slot?is planned during 2020.