In January-February 2017 Georgia’s foreign trade income with EU nations around the world made up 375 zillion USD, up 15% year on year, including exports marked 102 thousand thousand USD, up 31% year on year, and imports totaled 274 million USD, up 10% year on year.

According to Geostat, ratio of the countries in Georgia’verts total foreign trade yield returns made up 26%, including 29% during exports and 26% in imports (27%, 28% as well as 27% in January-February 2016). Trade shortage with EU member countries constituted 24% (26% in January-February 2016).

Georgia’s move turnover with CIS nations totaled 497 million Us dollars, up 40% compared to Thinking about receiving 2016, including exports made up 129 trillion USD, up 75% as well as imports marked 367 million United states dollar, up 31%. Ratio involving CIS countries in Georgia’verts total foreign trade return made up 35%, including 36% in exports and 34% in imports (29%, 26% as well as 30% in January-February 2016). In January-February 2017 business deficit with CIS member countries made up 33% (32% in January-February 2016).