Starting 2018 nonresidents?will be able to purchase corporate securities. Archil Mestvirishvili, vice president for National Bank connected with Georgia (NBG), noted in which, currently, state GEL-denominated investments represent a most-developed portion.

Jointly with the stock exchange, the machine is being developed to any direction of corporation bonds, he said.

“Currently, we have 3 nonresident investors, whom buy state securities. There are several organizations in Georgia that own personal global securities. That signifies foreign bodies are able to buy GEL-denominated sec. Currently, we get close to with the stock exchange to inflate this system to commercial bonds and fairness. Starting 2018 nonresidents will be able to just buy corporate securities”.

Today we’ve problems with capital market development and we are fitting in with? resolve this issue, including in terms of taxation surroundings, infrastructure, various polices and legislative variations. We cooperate having international organizations plus Government of Atlanta to resolve these problems therefore we have already achieved specific progress”, Archil Mestvirishvili noted.