Deputy Prime Minister does not make sure negotiations on feasible resumption of Abkhazian Railway along with blames the resistance in lies.

Kakha Kaladze asserted this topic will never be even discussed.

“I really hear it for the first time; this is not the correct information. There was not even the discussion regarding this particular undertaking in the government. Your opposition says many things and lies, “– Kaladze declared to marketing.

Version of the opening of Abkhazia Railway has been elevated after the meeting presented between the Prime Ministers with Georgia and Armenia. Following your meeting, the Prime Minister of Armenia stated that they’ve discussed alternative way for Larsi Checkpoint with the Georgian opposite number. He did not brand the alternative routes, nonetheless, the media started talk on an option rout via the Abkhazian Railway.

Opposition prices raise of this subject matter as an open sedition along with notes that “it is going to give lethal personal injuries to the territorial integrity and also rules out profit of refugees, and upkeep of Georgian sovereignty”.

The opposition furthermore talks on economical loss, in particular, presume that the opening of your railway will become weak cargo turnover around Poti Port and damage our relationship with Azerbaijan. Discussion of the issue is not confirmed with the parliamentary majority as well.