The first Annual Discussion board ‘Georgian Economy: Prospects and also Challenges’ is scheduled to happen in Tbilisi March 30, 2017.

The forum aims to check the Georgian financial markets, investment funds, challenges and chances, as well as monitor general trends and developments in most major industry sectors of the country.

The event handles actions aimed at raising the venture capital market in addition to facilitating access to financial resources for local suppliers, as well as informing governmental bodies about critical business issues, bringing in funds and sizeable investments.

The one-day long message board will bring together much more than 300 top managers representing the local Georgian federal government, business community, embassies, international organizations and associations in order to facilitate your communication platform amongst foreign investors and local companies, direct sales, in addition to open various opportunities equally for local and worldwide businesses.

A corporate procuring festival will be held in parallel with the community forum, serving as a perfect possibility to help companies show off their products and services to attendees.

The objective of the ‘Shop-Fest’ is to establish once a year tradition, when through one day Georgian businesses will be able to develop partnerships plus attract new clients in accordance with event-exclusive terms and prices on his or her products and services.