Human hand touching an android hand. Electronic digital illustration.

Economists carry out a choices in of economic growth on a lawn of capital, employed pool and digital solutions.

Nowadays, digital processes are actually an integrated part of not merely economy, but also a digital economy. Actually, present-day economy relies on digital camera technologies, as well as on e-books and services, electronic digital commerce, digital procedures, internet, application of digital camera information and knowledge, Blockchain procedure and other digital fiscal activities.

In contemporary governmental era, Georgia must treat digital systems as a sector critical, which comprises inspiring potential for state global financial growth. It is obvious for everybody that digital processes have significantly reshaped all aspects of lifestyle, sizes, sorts of economical activities, business types and platform with ecosystems. These developments have made direct or even indirect influence on virtually all citizens of Georgia, business organizations or perhaps environment.

The fact is in which potential power of digital economy subjugates public plus business sectors to run of digital innovations.

It should be noted that the further digital readiness on the country, the sooner digital economy will be shaped, the higher gains and faster global financial activities are and on the contrary, the fewer readiness, influence for digital processes brings about new challenges together with reduces competitive total capacity of a country.

Research works prove that quantity of companies, which represent a part of digital economy increased by 30% in five years and consequently, variety of job place is continuing to grow by 5%. It should be known that 9% of firms working in digital field creates 7% of nationalized production (

Capitalization for internet companies produces the sense of MIRACLES within global digital overall economy. Each of similar companies receive much more business earnings compared to Georgian economy. Namely: Google/Alphabet (market capitalization 510 zillion USD), Amazon (341 mil USD), Facebook (340 billion USD), Tencent (206 billion dollars USD), Alibaba (205 zillion USD), Priceline (63 b USD), Uber (Sixty three billion USD), Baidu (62 billion USD), Ould like Financial (60 thousand USD), SalesForce (marketplace capitalization