“Despite the hard ailments in the regions, shareholders positively estimate Georgian Railway and Georgian economy”, – Mamuka Bakhtadze, general movie director of Georgian Railway expresses and makes a observe on the trend set on the securities from the company.?

CEO, one of the largest shipping companies of the united states says, that Train bonds have one of the finest periods since their very own placement (2016).

“Our bond prices are correctly and fairly reacted on Liverpool Stock Exchange, which is the best price. We can say that our bonds have one of the most effective periods, which is seen as an high liquidity in addition to low profitability,” – Mamuka Bakhtadze proclaimed to TV-program BusinessContact.

It should be mentioned, that Georgina Railway ties (GRAIL) were traded on 110.5 (+0.1% reviewing to the previous weeks time) with a profitability of 5.5%.

General Director with Georgian Railway expects freight turnover increase, but declares that it is challenging to predict it inside the turbulent environment where the economy of Fundamental Asia has appeared, though he also notes a 25% increase regarding cargo. Moreover, the guy expects cargo yield returns increase by 20% this year.