From more than 2500 competitors all around the world – Treepex, Georgian startup has made for Top 5 with the World Mobile Task in Barcelona, The country of spain 2017, founder Bacho Khachidze announced.

Treepex brings about innovative and revolutionary shopping habits plus significantly influences paying for decisions. Treepex is future-oriented the way it targets the new together with increasing generation of shoppers that base its purchasing decision upon considerations of sustainability..

All purchased items displaying a Treepex Logo have a unique QR program code. When scanning any QR code when using the Treepex App, it is added onto the internal Treepex system and a tree will be raised and cared for inside the name of the consumer.

Mobile World Congress, The Global Portable Challenge brings together clubs from every continent by means of regional competitions concluding in the final during Barcelona.

This is the major mobile application competition for young enterprisers & innovators from all over the globe featuring apps, IOT and also other mobile solutions within software and hardware.

An initiative by way of the Applied Innovation Company, the Global Mobile Problem is now co-organized by For instance Business School as well as the Applied Innovation Organisme.