Partnership Fund and Israel Enterprise Elbit Cyclone joint project, building aircraft factory is in the active phase. In line with Partnership Fund, now, the project detailed layout is completed as well as prep of specifications connected with machines and products and negotiations together with distributors. At the end of a few days, excavation process will be done and factory building construction will be unveiled.?

The construction process insisted of three portions. According to the plan, produced and providing the manufacturing area with necessary tools will continue until 2017 as well as the process of Boeing factory accreditation should be over in June, 2018.?

“Modern, high conventional equipment was chosen by Elbit Cyclone qualified professionals and it has already been purchased for the factory. The actual preparation of gurus has already been launched like training in the field of aeroplanes production and it takes place in Israel.

The potential shoppers factory production might be big companies in aviation industry for instance Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and etc. 100% with factory production shall be oriented for transfer. Factory will start producing its products around 2018. At the construction will work of the factory, as much as 100 people will be employed. In the end, 85 thousand thousand USD project is going to employ 200 local residents.