Construction of Civil Airplane Parts Manufacturing Plant (ATC), joint project of Joint venture Fund and Israeli-based company Elbit Cyclone, has moved from the active phase.

According on the Partnership Fund, comprehensive designing, preparation involving specifications for pieces of equipment and negotiations using suppliers are already finalized. Land excavation process is going to be completed at the end of the week, after which construction operates of the factory begin.

The construction process is made of three stages. Based on the plan, construction on the building and its outfitting will continue until the end with 2017, while certification means of the factory through Boeing should be completed in Summer, 2018.

Modern, high standard fittings and fixtures, selected by capable experts of Elbit Cyclone, happen to be ordered. Specialists’ training has already been begun, which includes tactics pertaining to a variety of aircraft amalgamated parts. Training is definitely held in Israel.

To remind, civil aircraft composite facts will be manufactured in be ready, including the aerodynamic surface areas, doors, and key pad. It should be noted, that will potential customers of the elements, manufactured in the production line, will be major avid gamers of aviation marketplace, such as: Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and others.

100% of your produced products will be export-oriented. The plant will begin developing of products from 2018.

Construction of your enterprise will implement 100 people. At some point, project of 85 million USD can employ up to 250 local residents, including 80 persons will probably be trained and employed by the launch of your plant.

Construction of the seed is operated by JSC Aerostructure Technologies Cylone (ATC), founded jointly by Partnership Provide for and Elbit Systems C Cyclone. Produced works are carried out through Georgian building company “Anagi” and its subcontractor company “I-C-E-S-E”.