Nino Tsintsalashvili, a 22-year-old girl, released quail egg production 24 months ago. The younger farmer keeps 60 quails in winter period, as the number grows to 700 ones in summer season period. The fresh entrepreneur supplies the products to restaurants and also stores in Gurjaani, Sagarejo along with Telavi, Kakheti Region, stories.

Nino Tsintsalashvili developed the business thought in her childhood, while her uncle employed to bring quails to home and Nino was trying to rescue them. “I used to look after the rescued birds and after that I used to release them all. In summer 2016 we all brought several many quails to home.

I obtained a 5000 GEL financial support component as part of Make in Georgia program. As a result, I placed my own incubator and habitat for birds. On the other hand, I? would like to remember that I do not keep quails in cages all time. Some sort of quail is a woodland parrot and I let them to yard. In winter time period they stop egg-laying. They really want much feeder”, Nino Tsintsalashvili said.

Main goal of egg production is to provide assist with those children who may have difficulties with? speaking. Quail egg helps children overcome this problem. The adolescent entrepreneur is a 5-year pupil at TSU medical staff and, besides business, she works from two other places. In the foreseeable future, she plans to launch quail egg to Tbilisi industry too.