Sigma Technology & Solutions provides VESTUS innovative product. With a special event, the company distributors talked about the product’s importance, its special characteristics and simplicity for? use.

Representatives of Ministries, Tbilisi Metropolis Hall, diplomatic corp and Georgia-based trade chambers, banking field and repair firms, experts and other engaged bodies have gone to the presentation.

VESTUS is often a thermo, hydro and anti-corrosive innovative nano-tech product which has no analogue in Atlanta and the neighboring areas. This product was created through NASA technologies. It’s a heat-insulating material and is applied as a thermo barrier. Its main characteristics will be: simplicity in installment, low price and long-term exploitation, Giorgi Tsintsadze, co-founder along with chief executive director for Sigma Technology & Solutions, known.

The event participants also talked about necessity of by using VESTUS, the first Georgian nano-tech construction merchandise? for facades, safety connected with buildings, in manufacturing process, installation of many components and pipelines.

Tbilisi Vice Mayor Irakli Lekvinadze positively valued the enterprise inauguration and noted:? ?This is a crucial fact, but it is a much more important event, if an enterprise is based on innovative technologies and it has exports likely too. At the same time, the latest enterprise creates new position places and state price range transfers also expand?.

The company manufactures something new in Georgia and as well enjoys exclusive privileges for exports to the close by countries. As to products, it has been created by an extraordinary formula. It is important that? heat-insulating covering and structure are wide and varied. This is nano technological know-how