“Our agreement with the Administration is not a one-sided document. It is a normal investment agreement”, Gela Gozalishvili, a representative of TAV Georgia firm, noted in response in order to aviation field specialist Iase Zautashvili, who calls your agreement a the loss of document and provides revise it.

Iase Zautashvili criticizes your content that bans a new airport construction in just 150 km are priced between Tbilisi International Airport.

“You will find no other sample, when a dangerous company obliges the land to deprive business people of the right for establishing? an airport while in the country”, Iase Zautashvili said.

“Even if this controversy was correct, you must not blame TAV. I am a venture capital company and I have the conditions and it is after you to accept these individuals or not”, the TAV Atlanta representative noted.