The company GDG will start regarding a new hotel which will be conceptually connected to the airport. A general director of the firm explains that it will be described as a 3 star motel and there will be 50-55 positioned in it. The hotel is going to be connected to the airport using a direct passage and this will take 5-10 minutes to realize the destination.

Bejan Tsikadze says that guests at the inn will receive an airport terminal service, more specifically; knowledge information about flights arrange at the flights table.

“The hotel will serve holidaymakers and guests. Kutaisi Air-port has 11 recommendations now but they are likely to add even more flights. There is no hotel near to the airport, where jet crew can slumber,so they usually check out Kutaisi or Tkaltubo” – says Tsikadze.

Currently, they are really working on the hotel project. Cafe bars might be located inside the accommodation. Tsikadze conducts negotiations using the airport.