The Bloomberg agency has written and published an updated rating within the world’s 500 billionaires. In the rating Georgian billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili positions 276th with 5.42 tommers skrm billion USD.

The status is topped by way of Microsoft founder Bill gates with 85.Half-dozen billion USD. U . s . businessman Warren Buffet rates high second with Seventy eight.9 billion $ and Amazon scalp Jeff Bezos ranks 3rd with 73.5 billion USD.

Inditex inventor Amancio Ortega ranks fourth together with 69.3 billion dollars USD, Facebook president Mark Zuckerberg is finally with 59.1billion Dollars, Mexican businessman Carlos Thin – (53 million Bucks), Koch Industries co-owners Brothers Charles along with David Kochs – (48.A person billion USD every), Larry Ellison, head connected with Oracle board of administrators –? (45.3 billion dollars USD), IKEA founder Ingvar Camprad (42.9 billion USD).