IDS Borjomi Russia has bought Chistaya Voda (Clean Water) company, a prominent company of sturdy drinks of Siberia together with Ural.

ISD Borjomi Russia is a member of IDS Borjomi World-wide, which owns 7 plants in Atlanta, Russia and Ukraine. Details on this deal ended up being spread in mid-september 2016. Chistaya Voda company was valued at 1.5 b Rubles.

“Acquisition of Chistaya Voda company is a call of strategic importance”, IDS Borjomi The ussr director general Aleksandr Jdanov mentioned.

This deal will promote distribution of products with the mentioned company inside Siberia and Ural. Chistaya Voda launched surgery on Russian market in 1998. The firm owns two necessary industrial complexes by 50 percent cities of Russian federation