Interview with Pawel Smalinski, director normal for Geocell company.

-How might you appraise Geocell’s 20-year efficiency in Georgia? Precisely what? main challenges possesses the company met in such a period?

-To put simply, we certainly have passed 20 years of investments, progress and also innovations. Our company’s progress is entirely related to Georgia. Our team is oriented on permanent growth. We’ve been also involved in social responsibility projects. Our responsibility is to offer but not only technological innovations, but also broaden perception of this stunning country.

-How would you describe the company’s web marketing strategy today? What would people say about internet marketing?

-we are carrying out lively process of digitalization. Our shoppers demand for very fast together with verified information. Consequently, we believe that out of doors advertisements and signs are outdated varieties of advertising. Therefore, we’ve got chosen digital? interaction with the population. We also try to offer imaginative products. You should be different to establish communication while using the customer in Atlanta.

-How would you appraise Georgia’s business environment?

-First of all, Georgia’s investment ecosystem is very open. Now i’m from Poland, the EU member place and I confirm that working is far simpler in Georgia compared to lots of European countries. This implies a company registration, communication by using government, cooperation utilizing regulatory bodies. Income tax administration is also pretty convenient. It is very straightforward to meet government participants. In other countries my peers spend several weeks to resolve this or that issue, nevertheless in Georgia everything is simpler.