Svanetian salt LUSHNU has been seemed in retail multi-level. LUSHNU founder Sandro Goshteliani told Commersant radio station station that the technique is sold in Goodwill multi-level.

Negotiations will be also completed with one of the major distribution organizations. As a result, in the near future, the merchandise will appear in 1700 buy and sell outlets all over Atlanta.

At this stage, the corporation produces only Svanetian marine, but in the course of time the company will produce some other goods too, Goshteliani said.

“We believe today the product has no competitor on the market. We create top quality salt. Most people buy ingredients throughout Mestia from local people and follow almost all Svanetian traditions in production. The firm is able to produce 25 000 packs involving salt a day along with increase production”, Goshteliani said.

Negotiations are usually underway for exports in our salt. All needed documents have been sent to several countries regarding Europe and Asia and we are looking forward to their response, Goshteliani mentioned.

LUSHNU, Svanetian salt production business, launched full-scale operation in summer 2016. The company features invested 50 One thousand GEL in re-equipment undertaking.