The history of the brand entered Georgia, where footwear mass production didn’big t exist before. Younger brothers, Giorgi and Shota Mikaia thought we would make their fantasy come true and create great sneakers. We thought i would create minimalistic as well as a high quality brand simultaneously. That’s how CROSTY thought was born.

What is the principal inspiration for CROSTY?

The key inspiration for us became a constant wish to deliver and create Georgian products. We also had an interest pertaining to design and huge love for the comfortable and also popular sneakers. That’s how we came up with a thought to produce Georgian sneakers.

What will probably be your service advantage?

We have a free delivery on the environment scale and we implement our service to any kind of spots to the people in only 5-7 days. There is also a strict control of distribution which considers good quality guarantees and a simple strategy of taking the product returning and change it, helping to make the service relaxing for customers.

Do you work together with Georgian or international conceptual online shops?

At this level, we collaborate by using several Georgian and unfamiliar conceptual shops: Dots Tbilisi, Moreislove.web, SPOT2.55, Minsk, Belarus and at once, currently, we have active negotiations with different suppliers from all over the world

What is often a specific advantage of your current sneakers compared to various other modern brands?

Our tennis shoes are made with minimalistic design and we operate the best quality materials for doing this. Other famous brands including?Givenchy, Balenciaga, Philpp Plein, Lanvin and etc. makes use of the same materials. For this reason, our advantage at this time is a quality.