Georgian Healthcare Group may implement investment of varied million in the infirmary sector, – Nika Gamkrelidze, head within the Group has reported to BusinessContract.

According to her, two new clinics will be opened this coming year and the Group will spend 50 million Dollars.

“We are one of the largest investors in the country through the previous years. We are opening up two hospitals in the united states this year, where One thousand five hundred persons will be utilised. The investment volume equals to 50 million USD. One will become opened in March, while the other ’till the end of the second season. We are actively establishing in the pharmaceutical industry and we have exciting plans in this area as well”, – Nika Gamkrelidze declared.

Georgian Health-related Group supervises health corporation EVEX and insurance provider Imedi L and the Group is one of the largest companies of medical insurance as well as healthcare services in the united states.