Quantity of vacant jobs rose by 30% throughout 2017, Inga Shakhbazian, regional manager intended for HR.GE recruitment portal told Enterprise Contract. Growth disposition was recorded during January-February 2017, as compared to January-February 2016.

The following career fields are leaders in number of vacant roles:

  1. Commerce C 23%
  2. Clients service C 11%
  3. Banking sector C 8%
  4. Healthcare C 6.5%
  5. Accountancy/finances C 5%
  6. HoReCa sector C 4%.

The position of your accountant-operator is the most popular openings. The position of a product sales manger ranks second as well as position of an pro of bad loans ranks third.

The vacant position of an specialist of bad lonas seemed to be the most popular in 2016 as well as every month about 15-20 opportunities were announced for the mentioned position, not like previous years.

“In 2016 zero vacancy was regarding the mentioned place, several ones ended up being announced in 2016, whilst 15-20 vacancies were announced a month in 2016”, the actual HR.ge local manager noted.