Itsik Moshe, president of Georgia-Israel Holding chamber of Business, objects in order to illegal penetration of Georgian citizens to Israel and specific mechanisms pertaining to problems resolution in addition to proposes to abolish visa-free plan.

“Israel needs tourists by Georgia. Israel also requires several thousands of people every year. But against the law migrants create problems. I believe visa-free plan should be suspended along with a way-out should be found. We’d like to resolve the issue by just joint efforts”, he said.

There is quite a bit demand in Atlanta to employment opportunities with Israel. These issues should be specific jointly on permanent basis, Itsik Moshe said.

The dilemma is mainly originated style a lack of information. Israel is actually a country of laws and both locations must respect the law, Itsik Moshe told BusinessContract and included that two Georgia-Israel small business forums will be residing in Tbilisi in 2017.

“I believe Georgia’s economic progress greatly depends on ambassadors”, Itsik Moshe said.

Ambassadors will be able to invite investors. This year we will hold a pair of business forums C with July and December, Itsik Moshe pointed out.