CBW had an Interview along with Nino Zarkua, PR Manager of Kvareli Eden Hotel, where this lady described a field when she is building the woman career and defined?how important it can be to have a great working hard space for making company and business ecological.

– What are you through profession?

-I have completed Georgian Technical University, higher education of public relations (BA degree). About a year ago I finished PR education at Georgian-American University.

– The initial job place.

– My own career started during Aldagi Insurance company, as an asst . to account manager.

– Current job and also position.

– Currently I am a PR manager designed for Kvareli Eden Hotel. This is a prepared, beautiful and diverse resort. I am positively updated here and this encourages my working ambiance.

– Business, project you are proud of.

– I believe ?any Honorable Project? is certainly yet to come, however think the most productive marketing campaigns are usually multi-platform campaigns with one particular idea at the center.

– Industry where you would never function.

– I would never are employed bank and financing sectors.

– What makes a particular person successful in your arena? Besides knowledge, just what special features will be required?

– I believe a valuable using of knowledge of PR operates and instruments leads to success. PR practitioner should be creative, using logic thought, competent at listening and fixing several problems simultaneously. I think it is also very important to permanently read printing media to stay knowledgeable about the ongoing trends. PR is a communicating, even more so during the field, where I am employed. “If you are not knowledgeable on the is going on today, tips on how to advise clients or even companies on what to do tomorrow?”

– Is it possible with Georgia today to investigation PR very well or even international knowledge and experience is essential anyway?

– I believe a person might study everywhere if perhaps he/she genuinely wants this specific. Naturally, international experience and knowledge is very good. It would be far better if students could easily get more practice? with various organizations in their university studies.

– Is actually PR perceived together with understood in its vintage nature in Georgia?

– Valuable perception will be simplified more compared to previous years.

I have always been building a career in public areas relations and feel that all of the fields always work together-that the end marketing included in the best theory comes with everything. If you think of what marketing is today, it is the ability to please take a corporate message or simply a product and uncover it to the people who’re most important-whether it’s to offer something, or to effect the reputation of some thing.

– How easily do you settle emergency situations plus take decisions? Undertake similar cases become worse quality of working process?

– Fortunately, I never faced many crisis situations. I try to do business in concert with my colleagues to avoid similar situations. At the same time, I can simply undertake all problems if any.

– Interesting episode through your life (business) that has changed your life.

– Concerning an interesting period during my life now this period is related to Kvareli Eden.

– In any other case this profession, wherever would you work?

– I will be a psychologist.

– Precisely what are strong features of people, as a businesswoman?

– Being a prosperous businesswoman really comes down to personality. I’ve always been very independent, confident along with determined to succeed.

– Precisely what does your employer company give you? What makes your employment interesting for you?

– At this time it is much enjoyment to work by profession, when you get happy to visit and spend everyday at the office. I am thrilled to work at Kvareli Eden that is usually oriented on advancement and innovations. But having a great business office makes your company profits and your business ecological.

– What makes major uncomfortableness in the working procedure?

-Currently there are no factors that is going to make discomfort within my working process. Very often find in excellent surroundings. In general, I cannot stand noisy atmosphere.

– Where by do you see on your own after 20 years?

– Soon after 20 years I would like to put simply in my field compared with today.