Until the end of 2017, two much more agro hubs will be exposed in Georgia. Their heads of the market already has a plan for it all.

According to Giorgi Jashiashvili, one of the market segments will be opened with Tbilisi again, but a different one will be in the region. It concerning the locations will not be made yet.

It is not really clear yet wherein region it is going to become opened; either it’ll be Ajara, Imereti or Kakheti. The first Agro Center market was launched at the end of the last year around Georgia. The project charge amounted to 15 mil GEL.?

The company Agro Mainstay has its own poultry, cattle and pig plantation. It has a milk creator factory, where all-natural milk products are produced. In addition to, there are bakeries, cold and hot your kitchen, salads and wide range of sea products already in the market.